15 retail innovations from Austin’s SXSW 3/3

Emmanuel Fraysse, Axance’s partner and author of the book Business is digital, goes back on the 15 retail innovations he observed during the last South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conferences and Festivals. SxSW is a music and film festival as well as a digital conferences one.     Part 3 in retail experience: Transaction   11 – IoT […]


Webdesign and ecommerce in Thailand

Olivier Wolton is a project director at Axance who’s leading various missions in Thailand for the account of a world-leader in insurance. Bearer of a sociology phD, he is a specialist in marketing counselling, with an intense digital trendspotting. Today he answers our questions on design, users, market and e-commerce in Thailand. What is the difference between a thai […]


Business applications & generation Y

More than 700 000 young people enter the job market every year. These generation Y students, with the algorithm « an app for everything » etched on their hard drive, are sometimes faced with unsettling gaps between the modern technology they use daily and the aging one of their company.   « Oh no, I don’t feel like using […]


Tablet, the new cornestone of the e-commerce

If mobile is king outside, 7-inch and above tablets will be the perfect companion at home, and also the more convenient for online purchases. Buying on your tablet is higher than on your smartphone Only 20% of smartphone owners have bought online from their phone, against 59% of tablet users. Furthermore, the average basket is […]