Emmanuel Fraysse, Axance’s partner and author of the book Business is digital, goes back on the 15 retail innovations he observed during the last South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conferences and Festivals. SxSW is a music and film festival as well as a digital conferences one.


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Part 3 in retail experience: Transaction


11 – IoT & connected shops

Even before the Apple Watch came out, inMarket launched its shopping list app. More than 1million Apple Watches were sold a few hours after the launch. Some specialists evaluate that the number of devices sold could reach more than 30 millions a year.

apple-watch sxsw inMarket retail
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12 – Fraud’s detection and prevention

Though Trustev wasn’t the sexiest start-up in competition, it still earned the “retail disruptors” price at SxSW. It answers a need for reassurance about fraud’s detection and prevention for electronic payments, through a thorough contact points analysis.


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13 – Intelligent dispenser

Vending machines become more and more intelligent. Ever more present on crossing points for on-the-go consumption, they go beyond food products : electronic devices, cosmetics… Soon vending machines will offer custom-made products (perfumes…)

retail Nailmatic ou benefit sxsw
copyright Nailmatic, Little Clélia


14 – Purchase facilitators

Internet users become designers of products previously prohibitive. AliveShoes offers its clients to conceive shoes, made by the company afterwards.

TwoTap lessens the doubts of the purchase process, by providing relevant information before checking out.

SXSW two tap innovation retail
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15 – Production on demand

By delinearising the value chain, you can order a product… which can be produced during the delivery.

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Only 150 pieces in the world, including 6 in France and 1 in Lille. The Espresso Book Machine is a miniature print shop, able to make a 200 pages book in 5 minutes, when the client orders it inShop.



Jennifer, Julie et Katrina
(From left to right) Jennifer Hyman, Julie Bornstein and Katrina Lake

Jennifer Hyman (@Jenn_RTR) is Rent The Runway‘s CEO & Co-Founder

“We need to put FedEx et ups out of business. The delivery [industry] needs to be completely ripped up and totally recreated… The only way that [e-commerce is] economically viable is if the delivery [industry] changes.”

Julie Bornstein (@juliebornstein) used to be Sephora’s Chief Marketing Officer, but switched to Stitch Fix since the SXSW conference.

“Thinking 12 months ahead is not enough when planning for the future of digital retail.”

Katrina Lake (@kmlake) is Stitch Fix‘s Founder & CEO

“Data is the most important aspect of personalized, competitive online retail.”

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