“On the average Web page (without content strategy), users read 20% of the written content at best.” (Jakob Nielsen)

I want to understand content strategy: a quick lexicon

As stated by Kristina Halvorson :

  • Content strategy is the practice of planning content creation, its delivery and governance”
  • Content is not only text, but also includes graphics, video and audio that together make up an interactive experience”


Why implement content strategy ?

Content, along with design, fully contributes to the user experience.

The benefits gained from including content in the design process are :

  • A source of added value for the user
  • A service differentiating factor
  • A loyalty lever for current users
  • A lever to reach new target audiences
  • Supporting the brand image
  • Supporting the SEO strategy
  • A pillar of social media


Content strategy sometimes consists in subtle contributions but it benefits the user’s ease of navigation as much as the brand image and the visibility of the website or digital service. Moreover, it does not only help the user’s understanding but also enables to improve referencing (see also the France Mutuelle case study for more on this topic).

Useful link : « content strategy in e-commerce »


When should you involve content strategy ?

Content strategy is an integral part of the digital strategy; therefore it should be integrated before the design phase and conducted in conjunction with the work on the layout architecture and design.

« Content strategy first » is a mantra to adopt from now on to prepare for the multiple devices, where content shapes and fuels the multichannel experience. User persuasion and satisfaction are the cornerstones of shaping experience through content.

Where are we on content strategy today :


When should content strategy take place, in order to avoid “delivering shiny but empty wrappers”:



A few things to keep in mind

  1. Content is a key contribution to the online user experience
  2. SEO can’t be efficient without the appropriate content strategy
  3. Content strategy must be integrated before the design phase