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The world of insurance finally accessible!

Since its redesign, has doubled its conversion rate and become the leading Devred stores

A new BtoB merchant service for La Poste

assu 2000
The request

Rethink the product sheet, strategic entry point to the website. Facilitate access to the content, and simplify the offer through a user-centred approach.

The result

A didactic product sheet offering a playful and interactive introduction to the services. It’s finally easy to understand the insurance sector !

ASSU 2000 is the leading insurance brokering network aimed at individuals. Its motto : “Simplify insurance!”

An audit first enabled to point out the complexity nodes of the product sheets : offers built around various components (guarantees, options, included services) , difficult to understand and compare, and a vocabulary probably too technical.

Designing the new product sheet was therefore conducted with the ambition to make content more accessible and facilitate access to the next steps (request for an estimate). Axance’s main lines were :


1 – To provide keys to understanding the offers through simple and visual “instructions for use”




2- To facilitate the comparison of guarantees, via an attractive and friendly cursor and tags system

assu 2


3 – To enhance the options, the real added value of the ASSU 2000 offer

assu 3

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23 Boulevard Poissonnière
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+33 1 40 28 24 40

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