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Focus group

User testing

Eye tracking is a method enabling to measure the eye movements on the screen (focus and foveal visions) and identify paths, fixations and viewing times of a focus group during a given task or action.

This technology is applied to user tests on digital interfaces (websites, apps) and focus groups on offline interfaces (ads, display, packaging…)

It can be used to :

? Identify incorrect paths

? Show disturbing advertising inserts

? Check the location of the components

? Explain issues (qualitative data)

? Compare two designs (quantitative data)

? Etc…

Results are all the more reliable as eye movements are subconscious, contrary to user interviews, and the eye tracking method is non-invasive – it doesn’t disturb the user.

Our consulting team recommends a wise use of the eye tracking method, on a case-by-case basis. During qualitative studies, eye tracking can’t be used on its own but needs to be combined with other testing methods (user tests and interviews for instance).

Eye tracking tests take place in our Lab. The eye tracker is a computer screen with diodes emitting infrared lights (harmless to the eye). Specific cameras integrated to the screen film from a distance the infrared light reflection on the participant’s pupils.

The collected data is then analyzed to recalculate the eye movements in line with the behaviour.

This test is non-invasive (no headphones or complex equipment for the user) and respects normal terms of use of the interface.

Hidden in the screen structure, this device is invisible to the undisturbed user. The test results are therefore very reliable.

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