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15 retail innovations from Austin’s SXSW 2/3

15 retail innovations from Austin's SXSW 3/3

15 retail innovations from Austin's SXSW 1/3

Emmanuel Fraysse, Axance’s partner and author of the book Business is digital, goes back on the 15 retail innovations he observed during the last South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conferences and Festivals. SxSW is a music and film festival as well as a digital conferences one.

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Part 2 in retail experience: Decision

6 – Less data for better use

For example, tens of thousands Netflix users wanted a half star notation. However tests A/B showed a decrease in the notation volume.

In reality, « too much choice is not helpful ». Moral: observe rather than forecast. « Don’t listen to what people say, but watch what they are doing » (Todd Yellin, VP of product Innovation Netflix)

retail sxsw netflix data

copyright Netflix


7 – Memomi: an augmented reality mirror

Memomi, a mirror for digital fitting. Rebecca Minkoff New York’s flagship integrates that kind of digital mirror for a “wow!” effect.

sxsw retail memomi

copyright Memomi


8 – User’s measurement projection for virtual fitting

Xyze offers the internet user to take their measurement and contextualize what they want to buy with their own figure.

retail sxsw xyze

copyright xyze


9 – Artificial intelligence

More human than it seems, Pepper is a robot assisting the client inShop. It answers questions in natural language when you cross its path, similar to siri’s ability. Softbank lead the way, deploying Aldebaran’s Pepper robots in 70 shops in Japan. This kind of inShop projects increases in favor of those adviser-robots : 1000 Pepper robots in Nestlé’s sale points to convert japanese to their coffee in capsule!

sxsw retail aldebaran

copyright Nestlé


10 – Enhanced seller

ROPO: research online, purchase offline. Tulip Retail provides its sellers and clients with real time data about products (colours, options…), for them to be well informed. Mack conceives entire rooms decorated by pros. Objects and furniture are put in a real-life situation, to avoid the usual desembodied effect seen in catalogues. Moreover, Mack offers a service allowing the client to chat with designers, to be advised on their choice.

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